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Vol. 20, Nos. 1-29; Jan/Dec 2009

  • The Financing Commission's Recommendations

  • The Stimulus Bill Leaves Most of the Transportation Community Dissatisfied

  • The Prospects for a National Transportation Infrastructure Agenda

  • The Prospects for Public/Private Partnerships in a Changing Market/Political Environment

  • The Promise of High-Speed Rail

  • What Does Collapse of the Midway Deal Mean for Privatization?

  • Some Further Reflections on the Future of Public-Private Partnerships

  • The Surface Transportation Bill --- Closing the Gap Between Rhetoric and Reality

  • The House Transportation Bill: Two Key Questions Remain Unanswered

  • The Week that Changed the Game Plan

  • Survey Shows Support for an Extension of Existing Law

  • Highway Bill Supporters Face a Reality Check

  • The Hope for a Long-Term Transportation Bill This Year Has All But Vanished

  • What Can We Expect from Congress in September?

  • Controversial Report Has the Transportation Community Up in Arms

  • The "Moving Cooler" Debate Continues

  • Congress Will Likely Extend the Existing Transportation Authorization

  • Notes From the Miller Center Transportation Conference

  • The Administration's "Livability" Initiative Stirs Up Debate About How Americans Should Live and Travel

  • Weighing the Future of High-Speed Rail in America

  • The Unfulfilled Promise of Maryland's Smart Growth Policy

  • The Push to Enact Climate Change Bill Suffers a Serious Setback

  • The Selling of Transportation Reform

  • Using the Jobs Stimulus to Reform the Transportation Program

  • Reform of the Transportation Program Put on Hold as Congress Equivocates


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