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Over the past twenty-five years INNOVATION BRIEFS have become "must reading" for thousands of legislators, public officials, business leaders, newspaper editors and transportation professionals. The Briefs' critical commentaries and incisive analysis of current events keep our readers in touch with trends and ideas in the transportation world without subjecting them to an information overload. Our editorial policy is to maintain an independence of views, while striving to remain balanced and objective in our coverage. We believe it is these qualities that have earned INNOVATION BRIEFS the respect of the professional community and the accolade of the transportation fraternity as "the most influential transportation publication of its kind."

  2012 Newsbriefs
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NewsBrief No. 1, January 23, 2013
Searching for Novel Approaches to Transportation Funding

NewsBrief No. 2, February 15, 2013
Infrastructure Advocacy and Public Credibility

NewsBrief No. 3, February 21, 2013
Obama's $50 Billion "Fix-it-First" Folly

NewsBrief No. 4, March 22, 2013
Wanted: A Reasoned Approach to Dealing with America's Infrastructure Needs

NewsBrief No. 5, April 4, 2013
States Seek to Become More Self-Reliant

NewsBrief No. 6, March 22, 2013
A Lasting Solution to the Transportation Funding Dilemma

NewsBrief No. 7, May 7, 2013
The Role of Presidential Leadership Examined

NewsBrief No. 8, May 22, 2013
Eight Questions for Transportation Secretary Nominee Anthony Foxx

NewsBrief No. 9, July 13, 2013
"Can-Do States"

NewsBrief No. 10, July 29, 2013
Are We Ignoring the Obvious Solution to the Transportation Funding Crisis?

NewsBrief No. 11, August 14, 2013
Are We Ignoring the Obvious Solution to the Transportation Funding Crisis? (Cont'd)

NewsBrief No. 12, August 20, 2013
A Major Court Rebuke for the California Bullet Train

NewsBrief No. 13, September 10, 2013
How to Avert a Transportation Funding Crisis

NewsBrief No. 14, September 18, 2013
Tolling the Interstate Highways

NewsBrief No. 15, October 25, 2013
Financing Major Infrastructure

NewsBrief No. 16, November 26, 2013
A Major Setback for California's High Speed Train

NewsBrief No. 17, December 18, 2013
More Setbacks for California's Embattled High Speed Rail Project

  Current Issue

NewsBrief No. 1, January 8, 2014
States' Growing Role in Funding the Nation's Transportation Infrastructure

NewsBrief No. 2, January 28, 2014
California's Bullet Train Hobbled by Fresh Legal, Fiscal and Political Uncertainties

NewsBrief No. 3, February 15, 2014
Rethinking the Way Transportation Infrastructure Is Funded

NewsBrief No. 4, March 19, 2014
As Congress Struggles for Ways to Fund the Next Transportation Reauthorization, States Are Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands

NewsBrief No. 5, May 21, 2014
As the Highway Fund Runs Low on Cash, States Come to the Rescue with Creative Funding Initiatives

NewsBrief No. 6, May 27, 2014
US DOT Unveils Details of the Proposed Administration Bill

NewsBrief No. 7, May 30, 2014
Hopes for a Long-Term Transportation Bill Are Fading

NewsBrief No. 8, June 25, 2014
States' Fiscal Initiatives Offer a Solution to the Impending Trust Fund Shortfall

NewsBrief No. 9, July 8, 2014
States' Transportation Revenue Initiatives Help to Compensate for an Absence of Long-Term Funding

NewsBrief No. 10, July 24, 2014
12 U.S. DOT Secretaries Speak. But Won't Agree on a "Fix"

NewsBrief No. 11, July 30, 2014
The Changing Nature of State-Federal Relations

NewsBrief No. 12, August 15, 2014
The High-Speed Rail Debate Revisited

NewsBrief No. 13, October 2, 2014
Will There Be a "Tipping Point" for High-Speed Rail in America?

NewsBrief No. 14, October 20, 2014
Obama's Disappointing Legacy on Transportation Policy

NewsBrief No. 15, November 1, 2014
Transportation Policy and Funding in the Post-Election Era

NewsBrief No. 16, December 19, 2014
Rethinking Transportation Funding


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