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From The Editor

C. KENNETH ORSKI, Editor & Publisher
January 2, 2002


As we enter our thirteenth year of publication, we look forward to another eventful year of reporting on current events in the world of transportation. With the congressional surface transportation authorization expiring next year, we intend to increase our coverage of the Washington scene while not losing sight of other important developments.

Last year, we inaugurated a new series entitled "A Transportation Agenda for the 21st Century." This initiative has proved to be popular with our audience as evidenced by numerous requests for permission to reprint the individual briefs in the series or to use them as classroom material in university transportation and political science courses. We intend to continue this dialogue with the nation's leading thinkers, practitioners and policymakers, with a opening contribution in the current issue by Robert W. Poole, Jr.

As we have often stated, our aim is to keep you informed without subjecting you to an information overload. We think even complex ideas can be expressed clearly, succinctly and readably in a two-page Brief. Our editorial policy, as always, is to maintain an independence of views while striving to remain balanced and objective in our coverage. We believe it is these qualities that have earned INNOVATION BRIEFS the respect of the professional community, and the accolade as "the most influential transportation publication of its kind."

We wish to thank our many subscribers for their continued support. Your letters and comments - both praising and occasionally chiding us - have been a source of constant stimulation, and the high rate of renewals and still expanding readership have been the highest tribute an editor could ever ask for.

We wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year.


C. Kenneth Orski

P.S. Subscriptions for the current year (2002) have been renewed automatically. Thus, it is important that you let us know if you do not wish to continue receiving Innovation Briefs.


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